One Person Company (OPC) is a revolutionary and new age business concept for young entrepreneurs. OPC concept has been introduced in the new Companies Act 2013, aims to provide simpler legal administration and to structured corporatization of micro and small businesses.

One Person Company (OPC) means a company which has only one member defined in section 2 (62) of The Companies Act, 2013. And also Companies Act says all the provisions related to private company are applicable to an OPC if not expressly excluded.

Eligibility norms for One Person Company (OPC) under Companies (Incorporation) Rules 2014: As per rule 3(1) only Naturally Born Indian citizen and resident of India shall be eligible to form OPC.

And a nominee for OPC also has to be naturally born Indian citizen and resident of India. No person shall be to become nominee or member in more than one OPC.

In the event of sole member death or incapacitated, the nominee will be the member of OPC. Nominee has the right to withdraw his consent if he so desire.


  • DIR-3 if DIN not available with promoter
  • DIR-4 Verification for DIN
  • INC-1 Application for reservation of name
  • INC-2 Application for Incorporation
  • INC-3 Consent of the nominee
  • INC-4 Change in Member or Nominee
  • INC-9 Affidavit from the subscriber and first director to the MoA
  • INC-10 Specimen signature
  • DIR-12 Appointment of Director
  • INC-22 To intimate the address of the correspondence
  • INC-5 Intimation of exceeding threshold i.e. ceased to be OPC
  • INC-6 Application for conversion
  • MGT-14 Filing of special resolution

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